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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Studio news

art bead Collier

and new mandala pendants in the making ... and scant time to take perfect photos

 so for now just a little appetizer

Sunday, January 31, 2016

all that mess.....

finding the perfect cord for a choker is a challenge!
I´m working on new Pendants - glass beads and wood, no metal, so approx 3 mm thick, not too flexible cords are needed.

 waxed cotton cord is too thin and too flexible for my needs

leather cords are not abrasion resistant and get unsightly over a short time....

I did a test with flaxseed oil just to see what happens
...not very successful, I have to say. Maybe I should do another with hair conditioner .

next try ....high end shoe laces , they seem to be strong and they are available in different thicknesses,
unfortunately a bit too flexible as well to be used for chokers, but ok for some uses.

not workable for sliding knots, by the way..

most suitable are these nappa leather cords, though they are sewn together, which I don´t much like .

Another idea I have in mind is to try strings for Instruments like harp or cello  (ok, maybe nobody wants to have a catgut around his neck).

If there are new findings I will share it here.....and of course - any suggestions are welcome!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Studio news

New collection in progress 

a black and white theme,.... and brand new earring designs,

stay tuned for a sneak preview!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter Sale!

viele reduzierte Angebote bei Donauluft auf Dawanda (das ist nur eine Auswahl)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Auf ein Neues! - Let´s do it again!

foggy times near the danube!
an invitation to dream away .....if you cannot see the opposite bank this could be the Arctic ocean

 the last but one pumpkin from the garden

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

recycling ice cream sticks - the finale

I guess you remember part 1:

 sanding the glue laminated sticks

then the painting starts , I used acrylic paint.

just simple ornaments,  this is going to be a gift for a lovely girl of a bit more than 3 years.

 afterwards each backside gets a strip of magnetic tape

voila`.... the magnetic refrigerator Domino is finished!

making this was so funny, .....(and there are development potentialities !)

the next ice cream season is certain to come!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Augenkissen - eye cushion

wunderbar zum Entspannen der Augen, für Yoga und Meditation
relaxing treatment for the eyes

 Ich nehme weiche vorgewaschenen Seide als Überzug, und weichen dünnen Baumwollstoff als Inlet.
Weich und dünn ist wichtig damit sich das Kissen der Augenpartie gut anpasst

Important is to take very soft an thin fabrics to keep the cushion flexible.
I took pre-washed, soft pea green silk and soft, thin white cotton .

Zwei Kissenhüllen, ca 20 x 10 cm
two pillow cases measuring approx. 20 x 10 cm

Die weisse Hülle wird gefüllt mit ca 250 Gramm Leinsamen oder ungeschälter Braunhirse
The white one filled with ca 250 Gram linseed or  unpeeled millet

Ein Verschluss zum Öffnen hat sich als unpraktisch erwiesen, sodass ich das Kissen einfach mit grösseren Stichen zunähe. Soll es mal gewaschen werden ist es kein Problem diese aufzutrennen und wieder zu schliessen, dauert keine 4 Minuten.

Closing the cushion with buttons makes it uncomfortable, so I decided to stitch up with big stitches takes less than 4 minutes to unstitch and close it again if you want to wash the cover.

Have a relaxed weekend!