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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Using the plate roll

It is ready at last, I found the time to make some experiments with my plate roll.

A piece of sheet silver will be rolled several times, with interstage annealing, until it is thin enough to get crinkled with a gripper.

next is to roll once more very careful, then I have sheet silver again, but crinkled.
To solder the cut pieces took me quite a bit time, because the brazing solder decided to have an independent existence and to play hide and seek with me.
At least I got them all at the right place.
After brazing, before cleaning....
...after cleaning, before filing, sanding and polishing.... I really love this phase, that rough surface, the texture looks interesting...


  1. amazing ! Never saw this before. Thanks for showing
    this to us.

  2. cool to see the process. love the crinkle and color. the end result could easily be a large canvas in a gallery...beautiful!

  3. really wonderful!!! i love it so much!!!