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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost spring!.....

..and a pile of work to do...

The lilac tree framed pruning saw massacre!

hard to imagine, that in a few weeks we will enjoy our meals here again!


  1. seems me a perfect garden ;-)

  2. our 'pile of work' in the garden was done yesterday ... now longing for sun, green, flowers, butterflies ...
    Your garden looks perfect to dream away in summer. ps : the new layout of your blog is
    very good ! Have a very nice start of the week.

  3. Thank you Sandra!, yes spring therapy also for the Blog....
    have a great one too!

  4. looks so inviting, can i come pitch a tent and live back there :)

  5. Yes, come over here Paula! we too have interesting scrapyards ! hehe

  6. What a great garden! It is sunny here so some gardening sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. However, it may be some time before we can contemplate eating outside - a chilly wind still blowing!

    ...I like your new look too x

  7. You have a gorgeous garden, Viktoria! It is going to look great when you are done with it!

  8. Come over here in July or August, we will swim a bit in the danube and in the evening have a little campfire in front of Paula´s tent!