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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PaulaArt on the wall!

I just bought these redwood art pieces from Paula! They are gorgeous! It is very exciting for me, to have that new art around.
My Photo is not perfect, it´s more a snap shot, and I guess I will have to tidy out the mess on the bookcase!
have a look at the redwood assemblages here!
....more impressing work on Paula´s blog and in her Etsy shops!


  1. i love paulart on your wall :) thanks for posting viktoria..maybe that will motivate me to take photos of the other 50 some redwood assemblages i still have in a box! :)
    love your aesthetic...not easy to have lots up and still manage to have a 'clean minimal' feel. you did it and i am HONORED to be included!

  2. Like what she makes ! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your arty wall !

  3. I love PaualArt anyway and
    to see it on your Wall is just wonderful!!!

  4. They look perfect on your wall. I do love the PaulaArt vases too.

  5. Paula's pieces look lovely on your wall! I love her red wood ensembles, I keep hoping I can get some for myself sometime soon.