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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Silver nuggets!

Thats next!
I heat the silver scrap in the mold with my brazing torch to the melting point.

The charcoal is saving the generated heat very well!

At this point it is possible to shape the little liquid pure silver ball for seconds.....

After solidification the structure of the charcoal is visible on the back.

Beautybath in alum, after soldering silver jump rings onto the nuggets. be continued.....


  1. immediatly in love with these rough shapes !
    But of course curious for the continuation of
    this story.

  2. You're keeping us waiting... I'm very impatient to see the result :D

  3. No big surprise, Sandra and Lucie!
    Just polishing, and it´s done...(had no more light to take pictures today..)

  4. My daddy was a gold-silversmid. We put the hot silver into water and than there were several different shapes. Your blogpost makes me thinking of that time!

  5. This is very interesting, Viktoria. I think I would absolutely enjoy making jewelry like this. One of the many things on my long wish-list of things to do in the future... :)