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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Working with a model

As an independent small business, the possibility of presenting your products in a professional way with living models is limited.
On the one hand due to the costs, on the other hand due to the matter of fact, that perhaps your pieces are one of a kind or low volume production, It would be quite inconvenient and time consuming.

I once thought the solution for this is to have a model that lives with me, and I played around with modelling clay:

The result was nice and I shot many Photos with my "Creature"...but in fact the dimensions were not perfect in relation to a real Head.
So I doubt if this will induce somebody to buy my earrings!

...but taking Photos on a real ear is also not the answer to everything.
Because I´ve been told, many customers don´t like the feeling their earrings are already worn.

My daughter was a great model for my pendants, but she is studying abroad (very abroad..), and until there is no chance for "beam me up, scotty"! ..... I can forget that too.....

BUT....I think it can be very charming to experiment with different, uncommon ideas and requisites! (wearing gloves is a great thing, when your hands are 56 years old!)..

Finally: I will continue with experimenting, and if I have a flash of inspiration once, I will tell....
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  1. Your daughter is the perfect model for your creations--and I love your gloved hand!

  2. I want one daughter too :)

    Looking beautiful and modelling clay (first photo)is looking very nice :))

  3. Nice now I know it's your daughter ^^
    I always wondered about that :)

    The glove is a good idea.
    I saw some people using magazines. You could use a photo of a beautiful head or ear and print it out at 1:1 scale.

  4. Thanks all!

    yes Stephanie, this is a good idea, must try this!
    earrings are a bit tricky..

  5. Here and there the daughter is 'used' too to as a model. But the glove-idea is absolutely fabulous !

  6. Ohhhhh I need a daughter!! And I, too, love the glove idea with my 63 yo hands!

  7. Your daughter makes a perfect model! The dress and hat are great style props, too. I might use your idea about wearing gloves. My hands are so worn with age and working in clay.

  8. It's always difficult to find the best way to display our own jewelry, your daughter is of course the perfect model, I like your idea of clay mannequin!

  9. I love the idea of gloves! It gives it all a rather elegant James Bond-ish approach! :)

    But from one artist to another, I have to say that artists hands, while never what people consider "perfect" are far more appealing to me than the "model" hands. I love that you try many styles and forms. That is appealing too rather than repetition!


    1. LOVE the glove holding the earring! Your pictures are all unique and lovely!

  10. I have to agree with Nicholas about the character of hard-working hands.

    By the way, it's so nice to be able to share ideas with others who struggle with the same problems....I *love* your clay mannequin and I hope that we both discover new and effective ways to display our work...I'm cheering for you! xoxo

  11. your post touched something inside me..your funny model, your beautiful daughter and your hands in gloves...
    I always admire when people write sincerely about their life...

    You know, I understand you very well. This theme is in my thoughts as well. I'm thinking about wholesale and how I'd present my work and how it'll look like and will it looks attractive? The display is very important.

    I heard about "many customers don´t like the feeling their earrings are already worn" and I don't take pictures of unique pieces on my ears for this reason, but someone told me that people love to see it worn by another person, how it looks like e t.c.

    I'm dreaming about having a model, a friend with whom we could play and make fun things together :)

  12. anastasia, this would be wonderful indeed! To have a model always nearby to have photo shootings whenever you are in the mood for!