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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

test test test

..testing some beads!
It is a sad affair, but I guess every beadworker has to deal with it sometimes.
" Many of the tiny, precious, wonderful colored Glass roccailles are not lightfast! 

So here is how I´m testing some colors before I use them in my earrings!
I leave them in a glass bowl on the window sill in the bright sun for some weeks.

and you can see, some faded....

....and have to be sorted out

here it is a matter of color lined beads , they are useless. 


  1. What a pity! But, even they are beautiful in their faded glory. Perhaps you could make something ombre, but that's a trend that will fade away as love your timeless work.

  2. I can understand this frustration ... here too, not all threads are as colorfast as one would like them to be.

  3. This dedication to detail and perfectionism is so evident in your beautiful work.

  4. Oh dear, I never thought this is a problem for beads, too! But, as Dawn said, they are still beautiful when they are faded.