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Thursday, May 14, 2015

in the garden - still

 tomatoes, all kinds

 Römersalat - romano salad, my favorite!

rucola self propagating

  strawberries blossoming

 Posthörnchen......a variety of runner beans I never planted before, bought from Arche Noah

 Bärlauch  - blossoming buckrams

and the charming  Zimbelkraut, ( Aaron´s beard) - conquering the wall

the ruler of the Jungle

She is hoary - like Yoda

Just found this site where you can convert any text to " Yoda speech" ! Funny!

ok, you might think I smelt too much blossoms......the next post will be an update from my studio with some new projects, promised!

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  1. Love romaine, too. Your garden looks lovely, Viktoria--I am in mine every day. It's hard to get any other work done :-)