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Sunday, January 31, 2016

all that mess.....

finding the perfect cord for a choker is a challenge!
I´m working on new Pendants - glass beads and wood, no metal, so approx 3 mm thick, not too flexible cords are needed.

 waxed cotton cord is too thin and too flexible for my needs

leather cords are not abrasion resistant and get unsightly over a short time....

I did a test with flaxseed oil just to see what happens
...not very successful, I have to say. Maybe I should do another with hair conditioner .

next try ....high end shoe laces , they seem to be strong and they are available in different thicknesses,
unfortunately a bit too flexible as well to be used for chokers, but ok for some uses.

not workable for sliding knots, by the way..

most suitable are these nappa leather cords, though they are sewn together, which I don´t much like .

Another idea I have in mind is to try strings for Instruments like harp or cello  (ok, maybe nobody wants to have a catgut around his neck).

If there are new findings I will share it here.....and of course - any suggestions are welcome!

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