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Monday, January 3, 2011

Weights instead of pins!

I have some Beading projects at the experimental stage and it will take some more time to post about....
So, in the meantime.......for something completely different....
It´s been a long time that I posted one of my sewing projects.
That one is going to be a hooded coat, and I upgraded my sewing equipment a bit with some weights for the cut. I did not see this before and find it spectacular : Weights instead of pins!

I bought them from a sewing equipment store, but maybe some really big iron washers from the hardware store will do the same!


  1. the washers. can't wait to see your new beading projects!

  2. a lot less work if you don't have to put in the needles. Curious about the new beading project of course and this 'when it is finished' piece too !

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    happy new year

  4. Saves so much time not having to pin and makes it easier to cut out. I too, can't wait to see the finished coat - love the tartan - and your new beadwork. I am also very impressed that you have started creating - work begins tomorrow over here.

  5. Love your jewelry! They're gorgeous! :) My mom always uses weights instead of pins too.

  6. Thank you for sharing, I didn't know that weights could be used instead of pins, I'll have to try that :)