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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All in its proper time

Summer - dilemma....
..should I prune the ivy and the climbing hydrangea ?
The red currants and the gooseberries are mellow !
One could make cakes and other delicious things ....
The bright sunlight makes your windows and curtains beg for a big house cleaning,
...and lots of ideas for creating to stick you to your workspace all the day!
It´s Pub garden time, time for swimming, hiking and ride the bike !
So many activities ....and the winter is long in our country!
I have to set priorities
Ok, I think I most likely can exclude the house cleaning!

Duftwicken - sweet peas, they smell delicate!

my first tomato - experiment, I´m really proud of this..

..and happy that the snails reprieved my basilikum which is flourishing this year!

She´s happy with some lettuce and lives free in our garden during the summer, there are walls around, so she cannot rebush, ..during winter she takes a big nap in a cozy box on the attic !


  1. Wow, summer has definitely reached your part of the world. Everything looks like it is thriving and healthy...wish I could say the same for my sweet peas and basil! I think I would opt for sitting in the garden and enjoying!

  2. i definetly agree on the part of the housecleaning ... such a waist of time !
    Enjoy our lush garden and the turtle ... doesn't it have a name as being part of the family ?

  3. Yes, I will following your advice, Lois!
    today it is raining, what has the benefit that we don´t have to water the garden!

  4. Sandra, she is called Mucki, we found her more than 25 years ago, obviously she escaped from the previous owner...

  5. I love your garden and turtle! What a sweetheart! Housecleaning--you can do that when you are a hundred :-)

  6. "Ok, I think I most likely can exclude the house cleaning!"
    I see we have the same priorities.
    Enjoy summertime!

  7. Enjoy! It all looks so green and fresh :)

  8. tomatoes and turtles...why clean :) enjoy your summer!

  9. Ooh your turtle is soooo cute!
    I like your jewelry on Etsy, very nice work!