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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flickr Favorites !

1. Ocean Landscape Wave, 2. Ocean Shark, 3. Ice Diving In Lake of Myvatn, 4. Ice triangle

It´s the first Tuesday of the month, so on Mitsy (Artmind´s) Blog : Flickr Favorites, played by theme : Something you´re afraid of..

I love swimming! but the feeling of deep, endless water beneath, scares me...
I feel more save seeing the sea bed.
...and one thing I would never ever do, is: ice diving!
not to find back to the hole, a nightmare....


  1. Yep. Wouldn't like to swim in the middle of the ocean, too.

  2. It can be indeed very desorientating and scary in the deep blue see. But afer seeing 'the deep blue' I'm not afraid of it really - such beautiful images. Wouldn't want to encouter the shark though! :)