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Monday, December 12, 2011

Time flies !

This little guy is about 20 years old and still 11 cm tall.
I made him for my daughter, and these dolls are available still!
From all accsessoires I crafted then, I would like to show this tiny tiny sleeping bag,
lined and with a zipper, just like the big ones.
The zipper doesn´t work anymore after years in the attic !
yes, have a nap! I need you modeling for my tiny crafting project.... be continued!


  1. waw ! Ever so cute ! Even 20 years ago you liked to do this very tiny and perfect work.
    It would be a perfect figure to make a movie
    from it. The little sister of Pipi Langstrumpf !

  2. I'm a fan for life!

    Have you tried waxing the zipper?

  3. She is gorgeous and so beautifully photographed! Does she have a name?

  4. She´s a he! and his name is Benni..... I didn´t remember and had to ask my daughter !
    Dawn thanks, must try this.