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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For everything..turn..turn..turn..

...there is a season.....
Spring is in the air , and please could I have more than 24 hours a day?

Working on far too many project at the same time!

My sweet peas seeds arrived today, which means to get potting compost......and so on and so forth

I need contemplative time to play my Hang

and finally I want to finish the necklaces made from Dupion silk for my Art beads!

These are new, and I,m thrilled to work on a bigger project, using this design.

Time catches up with you. There are periods when not a lot happens....and all at once you have to leap several stairs at a time....

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  1. I agree, Viktoria--time catches up on me, too.

    Love your hang corner, and the beads are divine!

  2. We're animal after all and spring is giving us more energy it seems, more energy to have many projects running :) Your beads are gorgeous!

  3. It seems like Spring all over your studio! Those Sweet Peas will be divine and your beads are beautiful!! Good luck though finding extra hours in the days. :) I swear they are there though. . . hiding SOMEWHERE. . . lol


  4. I can see the vibrant beauty of your garden in your beads. Spring is a rich time, and yours is so full of emerging life. beautiful.