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Friday, March 23, 2012

One reason why I do love winter !

Because of the first new shoots!

..first leaves on the lilac

All clematis survived and are busy growing new sprouts!

The Cypress is a paradise for all kinds of birds

Garden decoration made from copper and glass marbles!
Enjoy the sunny spring day!


  1. and the first time the smell of freshly mown grass reaches your nose !

  2. What a delightful garden and patio!! Love clematis and the bird song! My tulips are almost up and the iris are coming as well as my lilac bushes!

  3. Lovely garden deco! I always had bad luck with clematis though I really do love them.

  4. I agree Viktoria! Beginnings of spring is pure magic! Each day brings changes and growth! Your terrace in your garden looks a lovely sunny spot to watch the garden waking up from winter :)