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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday facets - Essigbaum - staghorn sumac

I´m sure all of you know this tree: In the 60´s you hardly were able to find a garden without this bush.

 Friends of mine cut one . I saw the beautiful colored grain, and crabbed a few branches.

 ..sanded and polished with olive oil


I have no idea what to do with these, maybe buttons, brooches, pendants, coasters for the doll house, ...a shim, when the chair has a wobble,  keyrings.....or just place it on the table as a mandala to enjoy the eye.


This is a new blog hop, created by Susanne Guirakhoo, if you like to join, share your friday facets.


  1. I have sumak in my kitchen as a herb to use in turkish recipes!
    What a pretty tree that is!
    As it is so pretty, it does not need a lot of extra to make into a splendid piece.

  2. Lovely rondelles! I'm sure you'll create something out of it! and I agree, they're simply lovely to look at

  3. oh that's georgeous! And now I finally know what 'sumac' is in German - had a hard time explaining it to my dad! Danke Viktoria!

  4. This tree is considered a pest around here, but it makes beautiful polished buttons or beads!