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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday facets - Nescessity is the mother of invention

....... (just got the meaning of Frank Zappa´s "Mothers of invention" - Mütter des Fortschritts ?!
since I´m using my online dictionary a lot, and improving my english, I often have these "light bulb moments", It always sufficed to know the english name, never thought about the german translation. "Canned heat - Hitze in Dosen" ?! ..................ok, this doesn´t belong here at all.....

 As I need to bend my ear wires, and I like to have different hooks for different styles, I had to create some tools over time.

Here you can see some of my patched together -  tools, ...the last one is made of a darning mushroom

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  1. Crafting and arts go hand in hand with self-inventions ;) Love the darning mushroom one!

    My favorite misunderstanding between German and English was a very long time ago. I saw signs for 'Mothers' Day corsages' in a store window and thought to myself 'what an odd present to give your mom'. Because 'Korsage' in German is 'corset' in English. Took me a while to figure that one out ;)

    1. This is a fun example! I would have thought the same!

  2. Very interesting Viktoria! That's true, we have to be inventive with our tools as well!

  3. I love the mothers of invention--Frank Zappa, too! Your methods are genious.