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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Marc Chagall Ring

avalaible here
This One of a kind ring is inspired by the work of Marc Chagall, whose artwork I love.
In one of my next blogposts I would like to show the working process of these rings .
They are crafted from silver cuts , soldered and oxidized.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

European Street Team weekly Challenge : The Winner!

I took much pleasure in hosting this challenge and to meet you all!

So many amazing entries! So many clever ideas! To nominate one from all these was really a challenge for me!

The winner of this week EST Challenge is:

6. The entry from P8Accessories !
This Japanese inspired summer scarf is cut as the inner part of a snail-shell/cochlea form. These lime green flowers would be a very great food and hiding place for this green leaf insect brooch from BlueTerracotta.

Congratulations! I am looking forward to see her next theme and wish her a lot of fun !

Monday, March 22, 2010

This week European Street Team Challenge:

I am very proud to be chosen by Sandra of zsazsazsu
as a winner of last week challenge of the European Street Team.
It was my first entry and I am completely unexperienced in hosting a challenge,( I am glad to manage my blog posts)....but hey, it will work out all right! here is my theme:
find a complement among your european fellows!
Its european week on Etsy!
Create an item this week and try to find an item from any european seller that matches with yours, or find an item from any favorite european seller and create one matching! Maybe your jewelry looks great to someones dress or a beautiful Photo fits perfect to your bag.........Come on, check out Europe , find new favorits and have fun.
mail or convo me until sunday, 28. 3. on Etsy convo

Here is the first entry:
Sandra from zsazsazsu! She finished one of her beautiful keyrings on vacation and linked it to a bleu bag from iragrant.
When you are "on the move", you have your bag and your keys always with you!

2. Nancy from AtelierConti
She linked her Summer Garden print with the butterfly bobby pin from ingake, and wrote:
I think her aqua crocheted butterflies would look so pretty floating through the aqua sky of my print!

3. Palepink`s entry:
wouldn`t her "Recycled bike innertube basket" look great with these Feel-Good Apples from lapomme?

4. The entry of Balanced ....Amazonite-Aventurine-Jasper-Sterling-Necklace !
and she chose this pretty Light Green Dress from subrosa123 to coordinate with it.

5. sunshinescot`s moon 3 - a Japanese influenced mixed media artwork needed a lovely frame...
She found this Bamboo and Teak Wood Frame from adix1977...good choice!

6. The entry from P8Accessories !
This Japanese inspired summer scarf is cut as the inner part of a snail-shell/cochlea form. These lime green flowers would be a very great food and hiding place for this green leaf insect brooch from BlueTerracotta.

7.Entry : Moonika from kuutydruk !
You go touring to the city on your cute pink bike, wearing this lovely top from lamarquisedesanges and listening to the music from your iPod, which is safely in this gorgeous spring-colored sleeve.....

8. Entry! Alecia from AleciaV and Arctida is a huge fan of PamelaAngus.
She thinks her white rose would complement beautifully Pamela´s black and white boudoir mirror. I agree with that!

9. entry! Evelyne of creationsbyeve . Her pastel mint cotton shrug is a very unique piece and a perfect shoulder warmer for summer nights, and would look great with zsb creations Jade green disc earrings!

10. entry : Eve from bysweetmom comes up with a Boho Chic Burgundy Gipsy Funky Bag, matching perfectly with this Rose Pink Dress with Ruffles from subrosa123.

11. Entry : NancyvdBoom invites us to take place on this bench and enjoy the view of the poppies all around and the sun in our face! And wouldn´t that be much more comfortable with that pillow from recircles9 ? absolutely!

12. entry! Lucie from lucietales likes to combine her Joy Lariat One of a kind necklace with the Butterfly Valley Messenger bag from ikabags!

13. Entry! Rita from alatvian : Her Yellow Rose Bobby Pins match with a Pomegranate Bag from iragrant

14. Entry: Brenda says: Turquoise is so vibrant and serene at the same time, is perfect for the season coming! I think those go pretty well, I`ve found common elements between the two!
Senerity - Turquoise and sterling silver necklace from Lindecise and Turquoise embellished women top from

15 . Entry! Susanne from enchantedhue made a Black Onyx and Cinnabar Necklace. She borrowed The design from ThongbaiTatong`s Bean Bag!

16. Entry ! Anastasia from LAccentNou match her : Pensaments-one of a kind earrings with the "Psychedelic Dream Spa Turban" from P8Accessories

17. Entry: Dawn of LaTouchables! The other side of the world.....
Vintage fail in Mongolian red paired with turquiose and lined in Liberty cotton, topped with a vintage bakelite button in vanilla.
"Would fit so well with this masterfully sewn tailored black coat-dress from 13threads

18. Entry : Esther & Estella from staroftheeast and StarBags !
They made this Soft cactus-Bubble Smocked Purse for this weeks challenge and their match is a beautiful journal made by Kreativlink

19. Entry ! Evelyn from Sumiskoshop ! Her Equestrian Horse Bracelet really would look great to this Champagne embellished Creation from lamarquisedesanges

20. entry: Eva from Angelpearls She thinks her Crochet Flower Brooch should be great on the Silk Courtesan Bolero from bonzie

21. entry: Susana from Themesh! Her Wool Necklace and the Poppy Tunic Dress from karmologyklinic is perfect for today´s walk on this sunny afternoon in Portugal

22.entry: Maria from LeelaBijou ! She just listed her Creamy Pearl Necklace, designed to match this lovely bag from iragranteco

23. Entry: Last minute from Italy: Rachel from LabSpace sent a pouch inspired by spring and those lovely blossoming trees as beautiful captured and interpreted by Rabamata`s print!