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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


zarte Töne...


....and while I was taking pictures, some birds had lunch before the window on my home made bird fat balls

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Textile Kultur Haslach

Im Mühlviertel, bekannt für seine Leinenwebereien, findet jährlich im Zentrum der textilen Kultur Haslach das Sommersymposium statt. Zwei Wochen Workshops für alle textil - Begeisterten.
Lehrende und Lernende aus ganz Europa treffen sich hier!
Programm von 2015!

Ich nahm selbst mal vor Jahren an einem Filz workshop teil, und fand sogar eines der Teile das ich damals filzte..(unschwer lässt sich daran erkennen wo mein kreativer Schwerpunkt liegt).
Unglaubliche 16 Jahre ist das her, wie die Signatur zeigt:

The Upper Austrian area Mühlviertel is famous for it´s linen weaving mills.
Every year in summer in Haslach they organize a symposion for textile interested people.
Participants and teachers from all over europe meet here!
program for 2015!

I joined a felting workshop there many years ago, and even found one of the items I made then.
(my creative focus on jewelry making is clearly recognizable..)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Studio news - Neutrals

caramel browns, warm creamy whites, beige tones and smoky greys - neutral colors, the perfect company for soft colored powder tones.... 

 inspired by the ending winter, the foggy landscape I´m in neutral powdery colors ...

combined with silver, these globe pendants are great with cozy knitwear in neutral colors.

shop: Dawanda, Etsy

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

just for fun

I thought it would be nice to have this list I made today at the beginning of the new year...sort of an uplifting sign

 link to the list