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Monday, December 23, 2013

Art to play

Knüpferli !
When I was a child we used to play with this toy which was found in the 1950s !!!
It´s available still, and I had to order some for children gifts.

needless to say that I had to test it, before packing....what a fun !

Have wonderful and relaxed Christmas days !

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

70. Birthday! congratulations!

Thank´s for some great Stones - Songs, like Satisfaction , Wild horses, Gimme shelter... 
Doesn´t he look gorgeous?

foto: apa/epa/arrizabalaga

"The worst kind of guy": Keith Richards  ... ANSICHTSSACHE | KARL GEDLICKA
enjoy this gorgeous collection of Videos :

Monday, December 16, 2013

the future needs fixing

I came across this  tool, and always interested in such chaotic crafting projects, I had to order some immediately! 

....and here´s how I used it so far:

have a look at the charming philosophy behind....

Thursday, December 5, 2013

All that Gold ....das ganze Gold....

Es ist diese Zeit im Jahr, wo`s überall glitzert und glänzt.....auch bei Donauluft
verschiedene Arten von "goldenen" Glasperlen Ohrringen:

It´s the sparkling time of the year.. so also at Donauluft´s
different kinds of "golden " Glass bead - earrings:

"lined" beads ...die Vergoldung liegt im Inneren der ansonsten durchsichtigen Perlen
                        the gilding is inside the transparent beads

eardangles with hooks 14ct gold    ....available here and here
Ohrhänger..Haken aus Gold 14ct

eardangles with hooks 8ct gold   ...available here and here
Ohrhänger..Haken aus Gold 8ct

Gold plated beads, rarely and expensive :

Tropfenförmig 24ct feuervergoldet...satin matt   ...available here and here
drop shaped 24ct fire gilded satin matt