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Monday, November 22, 2010

Masters of elegance

Their screams are shrill, but they fly and swing so beautiful...carried by the wind..

Seagulls at the danube beach close to our home.

Not the sea, but anyhow a beach...I love it!


  1. Its beautiful - I am quite jealous!

  2. I would love to look on that beach for treasuries ! I love flat stones, so to see you have a lot of them. In my hometown it is forbidden to feed the seagulls, and to put your garbage outside too early, as these seagull are very rude and pick in your garbagebag.
    Wishing you a very nice week from cold and wet Berlin .

  3. yes Sandra, come over here and collect some stones!
    Maybe you have to check out something for your travel agency near me some time?
    Enjoy your stay in Berlin!

  4. We don't have seagulls here at my place but lots of crows. And I like them. I think they look wise and ... well creepy. And it's funny to watch them trying to open a nut from our walnut tree.

  5. Thanks for talking lovingly about seagulls, I too think they are great birds!

  6. wonderful peaceful beauty thanks for sharing