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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Some of my Advent decorations.... (In fact ALL of my Advent decoration... I´m not a fan of
gold and glitter, but I do love stars)

That one I made of an old plank. The copper star in the middle is gleaming when the candle is lit

Simple branches from the garden with a chain of lights...

These two are my absolute favorites! The right one I bought on an elementary school´s bazar a few years back, and the left one I found in a dumpster! Looks like that one did not meet the expectations of its producer! Anyway a lovely angel!


  1. I like your star candle very much! candles are so cheerful :)

  2. that plank is beautiful viktoria. and personally that dumpster angel IS wonderful. good find :)

  3. like you style ! No kitsch, just simple but very stylish !

  4. Paula, I was quite sure you would love that angel too!

  5. Very nice and folk-art-inspirated decorations! Have a great weekend/Eva