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Friday, May 20, 2011

Forever young

His Bobness is 70!
That is worth a tribute to this great poet, I think!
The official Site:

When I was a teenager I didn´t get all the details in his lyrics! (which really is a disadvantage to this icon), though I loved his songs and attitude.
He still requires a lot of space on my I Pod !
My favorite Songs right now : Jokerman , Changing Of The Guards ......and ca 30 more....
Enjoy your Weekend !
Bob Dylan, Verona 1984

1. 004 Azkena Rock Festival 2010 Bob Dylan 26VI10


  1. I remember a few friends in High School making the pilgrimage to London to go see him. I missed the opportunity but when I lived in the US I managed to see him play a couple of times - once with the Grateful Dead. I just caught the end of a documentary on tv last night about him that Douglas was watching - probably to do with him turning 70. Highly recommend a listen to the radio show he did.

  2. I never made it to see him playing life! .....With the Grateful dead!!! I really envy this opportunity!
    Yes there are many documentaries and articles now to celebrate him!
    He still has about 300 Songs in his permanent repertoire! incredible.
    Interesting link, thanks!

  3. ...lay lady lay, lay upon that big brass bed...

    My first LP ever--Tangled Up in Blue. He understood my teenaged soul--and still does :-)

  4. I love that song too! You are right Dawn! ...and still does!