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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I could use a little help...(my english is relatively limited)
How would you describe this pattern ? ...jagged? it the right term?... jag pattern?....
Big Olive shaped Pendant available here.
have a great Sunday!


  1. This is absolutely stunning!! Love, love the colours and the 'zigzag' pattern - sometimes called a chevron pattern too. Viktoria, this is my favourite!!

  2. Oh, it´s lovely!!! This remind me of the chevron pattern. It´s a really old pattern used for decoration. Anyway, your work is amazing!!!

  3. This is also one of my favorites, but I have so many!

    Lois is right, it's 'zigzag'.

  4. Thank you !!!!
    I knew I was wrong with my description because I found nothing similar when I searched for jagged!
    Thank s for zigzag and chevron!!!

  5. Stunning Viktoria! I would also say chevron and stripes

  6. To me it's like a missoni pattern, just google the this word on pictures and you will see what I mean.
    It's is super super super gorgeous ! You could start working for a Missoni jewelry collection :-)

  7. Yes Sandra, this would be awesome, but I guess they have their own jewelry ideas! I love Missoni, their designs are gorgeous!

  8. Lovely Viktoria! (like all of your designs)

    I have tried to make a beaded bead with tiny beads, but failed. I could never get the proportions of the seed beads and underlying bead just right.

    Is there a solid form underneath your beaded items?

  9. 3circlestudio,
    I work with wooden shapes, the rest is trial and error.......

  10. Super design...and colors!
    -Eva Maria

  11. This is so beautiful! Great work again!

  12. I really don't care how it is called! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I never can understand how one can make such intricate and beautiful bead work! I tried to make a simple butterfly the other day - oh well, it was a disaster, the poor thing got "krumm und schief" and when I had the beads on one part of the wing they rolled out back and fell down on the other one - I nearly got a heart attack over it, REALLY - so you can not imagine even how MUCH I appreciate your masterly done work!!!!! :-)

  13. i agree with the comments here, i thought of zig-zag too.
    and i absolutely love the pendant!!!