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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My creative Space....

Silver recycling!
When I ´m crafting my silver caps, wires and closures some scrap piles up.

I will try to make some "Silver Nuggets" out of it!

This is a piece of charcoal I own for many years.....(what easily can be seen..)

I use carving tools to get a mold . Afterwards the silver scrap will be melted in it.

That´s all for now time I will show the melting process ..

...and of course the finished products..( premised I was successful !)
What are you working on? Show your creative space and find others here!


  1. very curious to see the 'silver nuggets', can't imagina how they will look like.

  2. I wish I could watch you work at your bench, promise I will be silent, you won't notice I'm here ;)

  3. Great idea about recycling! I'd like to see how you fuse silver!

  4. How great that you can recycle all the waste bits. This is the part of my sewing process that I am trying to work on!!