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Monday, February 13, 2012

Looking for inspiration

There are different causes which initiate a creative process !
For me playing with the material is one.

I´d like to show that by this example:
Soldering silver scrap on a ring band is the basic of my massive "one of a kind rings".
At this point I have no idea about the finished ring.
During the working process some shapes emerge and inspire me.

in this particular case the inspiration came from a painter which work I love.

...maybe you can guess the name?

little hint...he was born in russia

look at the AGteam Blog for Sarah´s inspiring thoughts!


  1. Love to see your working process! Is that painter's name starts with a K and ends with a Y?

  2. Wow, how fun to get to see a bit of your creative process! So fascinating to get to see how your work really grows into being.

  3. No Lucie, but you know him , for he was living in france and changed his name into french!

  4. no clue about the Rus that went to France and changed his name, but love the design you've made :-)

  5. He used to paint fiddlers and animals hovering over house roofs.....
    and many gorgeous stained-glass church windows were created by him!
    His first name is Marc.......

  6. Marc Chagall! I had to Google him to learn he was born in Russia! Thank you for a wonderful look at your creative process. Your final piece is so wonderfully alive.

  7. I love seeing this process from raw beginning to finished piece. The possibilities are wide open at the onset and allows for each piece to really speak to you. . . beautiful blog post! :)


  8. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for giving us a peek at your creative process.