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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Telling a story...

I have to admit, I´m bad at telling stories in my item descriptions!
due to my limited english vocabulary my descriptions rather turn out dryly ....(have to work thereon)

I find it much easier to tell "non verbal" stories by showing some pics of my working processes.

Do you feel storytelling is an important part of your creative work and sales? Do you find it enjoyable to share the inspirations or the details behind what you create?
...asked by nicolas on the Agteam Blog


  1. Viktoria I think I'm exactly in the same place as you are... difficulties to find the words... I don't know if story telling is that important... pictures like yours above tell a story too and I'm far more inclined to trust pictures rather than words :)

  2. Yes, I ask myself this very often, as I post a new listing.
    But for me, storytelling is "abhängig von" Mood. Not all the time do I have a story to tell about a product!

    As a shopper, würdest du gern eine Geschichte des Produkts lesen?

  3. I appreciate your visual approach Viktoria! It works as words do for the "visually inclined" I believe there are many ways to tell the tale. :) Thank you for posting in response to my blog!


  4. Als irgendeine Sprache ist die Geschichte die Seele. :)

  5. Love your visual story Viktoria! It is indeed much more difficult to be creative and use the perfect words in a language that is not your mother language.

  6. Your visual story is beautiful! I cannot imagine selling my products in a mainly foreign - I find it very courageous as I would cringe every time a question came through my inbox in a foreign language. Your work is amazing and I am glad you decided to share it with the world;)

  7. a visual story works for me....sometimes i wonder if people even read much of our descriptions anyhow. its that first picture that gets them :)

  8. Who needs a story when the visuals are so exciting? I love the way you show your work, and I hope you don't change!

  9. is the same thing - limited English vocabulary and lack of live speaking experience :)
    A lot of people are impulsive shoppers and a lot of times even don't read the descriptions, but a lot of customers do read them.
    I think it is always good to tell the story, if there is one.
    Sometimes it can help to your potential customers to fall in love with what you do and to make you closer one to each other.

  10. If you read my descriptions, blog, etc, you can tell that I rely on words to convey facts and emotional content. I don't think that it is essential, however, and I am very drawn in by your more visual blog. Real success comes from finding your own way to showcase your work, something that is right for you, and sometimes silent contemplation says more than enough.