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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"All you need is Time ! ...(and love of course ! )

Not easy, but I found time to finish some projects anyway!

Another pair of chevron earrings from the "indian summer" tribal series....

Chevron Globe pendant

But this is my main business right now! :

...I know, the before picture is looking better , but that will change definitely and I´m looking forward to having more time again for creating , blogging and watching what you all have been creating meanwhile !

wish you a great "long" weekend!


  1. I think you've taken out a wall, if I'm correct...magnificent! I can visualize the room you have gained, and when everything is sanded and painted and arranged you will have a 'grand' studio!

  2. ...oh, and I love this chevron series of pieces. They are beautiful!

  3. I'm impressed that you have been able to create such beautiful work with all this dismantling going on. Earrings are stunning! I guess that big boiler is next to go.

  4. yes, the big boiler is next to go!!!!!
    Thankfully I do my beadwork in the living room and not in the " Hardware studio" I´m able to create something anyway.

  5. Beautiful chevrons series Viktoria, I love particularly the white and beige pendant! I have a keen interest to your hard works because we have a similar boiler next to the kitchen and since years we have been planning a new bathroom instead :) It seems we aren't brave enough to start, haha, because we know when that kind of works start but never when it would be over!

  6. Beautiful projects! I love both :)

  7. a perfect combination of very fine and very rough work .. you are multitalented !