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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

not for shy people....

I have to admit I´m one of those by myself!
My way to dress is unpretentious and simple . You hardly will find me wearing really big eye catching statement jewelry, even though I love to see people spectacular dressed and adorned! ( Vivienne Westwood is highly admired by me!)

........but there is one fashion theme which cannot be colorful enough: - Knitwear !
I love the knitwear of Ivko and Sjöden

working on some big globe earrings in different colors..
Here are the first..... probably these make the look perfect!



  1. Viktoria, these are stunning! The colours, the pattern, all coming together to create a truly unique and definitely eye catching work of art. Love these!

    ...and I love your knitwear sites.

  2. I agree with Lois , these earrings are a stunner!!! Love the colors :D