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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Making a foot reflexology board which can be used as a decoration object..

...or making a decoration object, which can be used as a foot reflexology board .

 I bought some big beechwood globes at the hardware store, and also lots of smaller half spheres.
the major part of work is to split the spheres into half spheres, because it has to be done by hand
 Fortunately the smaller half spheres are available in arts and crafts shops.

 Then I drilled little holes and put nails into them
 the nailheads have to be clipped off

 ..wood glue on it
 ..and carefully hammered onto the board

 finished! can be treated with natural wood oil, also the edges could do with a little sanding..
on the underside I will affix foamed rubber or felt . barefoot walking on a pepple beach...
I had the idea a few years ago, and both boards I made then are loved by their owners!
I think I will keep this one


  1. ...there's suprising a lot of work involved--and it looks wonderful! All that work you did in your studio this year has paid off!

  2. i want one to lay on!!! very cool thanks for showing :)

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  4. I just stumbled on your blog today, I LOVE THIS!!!! I'm a massage therapist and jewelry maker, and i'm always looking for fun self massage tools! This looks amazing, I love how crafty you are! Brilliant!