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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some things don´t change

Some things don´t change : the same kitchen calendar since approx. 30 years in our home!
First as a gift from the local shoemaker, then owing to the slack demand the local shoemaker had to close his business (which belongs to the things that unfortunately changed!)
I was so used to this I´m happy you can buy it still.

Let´s see what 2013 will bring to us !


  1. No stress, lots of free time, happiness and a lot of light for you ! x

  2. Dear Viktoria, wishing you a beautiful 2013, with time for yourself and the family...and your gorgeous creations!

    1. Thank you! let´s hope for a wonderful, creative 2013!
      ....(just started reading "Pferdestehlen" it´s great