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Thursday, March 21, 2013

black (green) and white...

It is simply impossible to ignore this any longer, so I got a lovely "first spring day" past time!

but though a nice cleaning job, because you will be rewarded with a striking result.

black and white in my studio too! ..... working on a black and white earring collection

more black and white, found on Etsy. klick here to visit the gorgeous shops !


  1. As always your photographs are stunning!!!!!! And the black and white earrings are wonderfully dramatic!

  2. I love the graphic pattern of your black and white series!

  3. That is hard work, Viktoria.

    But worth it!

    Your earrings are stunning!

  4. Incredible to see how fine your work is when on a spool. How i would love to sit next to you both with our crochet needle.