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Thursday, June 6, 2013

the flood is over

...and it could have been worse.
One night without sleeping, basement evacuated, some water to pump out, but nothing destroyed.
Mud all over ....some days of cleaning.

Die Flut ist vorbei, und es hätte schlimmer kommen können. Eine durchwachte Nacht, Untergeschoss evakuiert, etwas Wasser eingedrungen, aber nichts kaputt!
Viel Schlamm überall, einige Tage Aufräumen - und Reinigungsarbeiten.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! That is frightening! We've been hearing about the flooding but these pictures are scary, for sure! Hope the water is receding!!!

  2. I was thinking about you, Viktoria, living on the banks of the Donau. So glad you didn't see the worst!

  3. This looks pretty scary to me! Glad you are ok but I can't begin to imagine the mess this has left behind!

  4. We saw it on tv and I crossed fingers for you. Hope you beautiful new workspace did not have any damage.