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Saturday, July 5, 2014

garden update - and stress test for beads

Tea Chrysanthemum

 I will try to grow white ones next year too!  They make a wonderful tasty and healthful tea!

Here are some problems with the oxblood tomatoes.
maybe it was not a good idea to try this tomato variety without having lots of tomato experiences.
I grew 4 different tomato varieties this year and no problems at all, except the oxblood.
They are doing well, but the leaves on top began to wither....ok let´s wait and see... my mantra regarding gardening problems...

And now to some beads I got.
They look wonderful and I´m always in search of silver glass beads!
unfortunately they often are not abrasion proof or light resistant.

But these are looking great and first tests are promisingly, so I will make some stress tests
like leaving them on a window sill outside in the sun, for months...and other cruelties.. 
Of course it can be advisable if beads are eminently interesting, to use more sensitive ones, but I have to know it for giving care instructions.

Crafting a sphere and wearing it for some time on a necklace is also a good testing opportunity.

By the way, one of the beads that passed through a 100% successful stress test are these old red beads above!

after some time I will come back with the results for the silver charlottes.


  1. I had no idea that beads such as these have different stress aptitudes, but it makes sense.
    Beautiful garden you have!

  2. no worry for the curled leaves of the tomatoplant, we have the same, but the tomatoes are still delicious.
    Happy the beads give you no more stress but just wunderful results!

  3. Viktoria your garden images are so lovely. The tomatoes may be fine, we had a similar experience with an indoor cherry tomato that ended up being just fine. And we'll be dreaming of a cup of tea made from flowers fresh from the garden come the first signs of Autumn! :)

    And the beads. . .though I have no real "need" for such a bead at the moment those are exactly the sort of thing I'd buy for "future considerations". . . which have their own rather large drawer in my studio : )