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Friday, February 5, 2010

ART NOUVEAU Decoupage..... Giftwraps by Artists

A few weeks ago I started to write this blog to give some background infos to my current jewelry making and beadworking , mainly for my shop visitors. But now I think, maybe it would be interesting to blog some former projects too....higgledy-piggledy, quasi.

This is one of them: Two years ago my kitchen layers surfaces were borked and I had the idea
with decoupage. I took off the whole lamination and applied this "Giftwrap by Artists" with decoupage seal.

The pattern has been created in Paris 1895 , published by h.f. ullmann.

Here is a beaded necklace I created . The pattern is inspired by a beaded pouch from those days. ... Art nouveau... in Austria called "Jugendstil"


  1. Well, the cabinets are beautiful, but that beaded necklace is to die for! It looks like a thick snake, alive with life, a little bit dangerous, and sexy! Such beautiful work you do!

  2. Ein wunderbares Collier!!
    Und die Idee mit den Küchenschränken ...genial und sehr Creativ!!
    Libe Grüße

  3. Very very beautiful and original both of the
    ideas !

  4. love it...cabinets are so boring and it takes a trooper to have the guts to alter them completely. you pulled it off!
    love the necklace, feels very hot, desert-like in a wild good way!