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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holes in Stones 3rd.....

I found out the holes are made definitely by living organism!
They live in and from the limestone.
alas I only found a german version, but the Pictures tell the Story as here


  1. Nothing more wonderous than nature itself!

  2. Danke für diese schöne Information!

  3. Nature is awesome, that's all one can say. :) I remember finding stones like this when I was little and was very intrigued by them, wondering how they came to be like that... Well, now I know!

  4. I have some rocks/shells that have tiny holes and I thought they were coral but they are old shells that have been inhabited by tiny worms, so interesting.

  5. I was two weeks ago to the Ostsee and there I found some "Hühnergötter" - stones with a hole. I have only made one photo:

    here you can read something about "Hühnergötter":

    liebe grüsse, regine

  6. Danke Regine! hab mir die Hühnergötter angeschaut, sehr interessant!