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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holes in Stones....

I have been in Croatia, Istria, for some days.....
and as always I could not resist to pick up several stones at the beach!
I love the bizarre form of these "wormy" stones . The holes are made by living organismn, but I
must confess that I don´t know exactly who`s the causer. Maybe anybody knows....would be great if anyone living by the sea could give an answer ?

...I also found some sepia backs and thought of ossa-sepia-cast.....we will see...


  1. Beautiful ! I live at the beach in Belgium but we have sand and no stones :-(
    But have to go and see for some driftwood !

  2. fun stuff and i'm thinking you will make something with this eh? i think it is just water and erosion that causes those holes, not sure though.