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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bicycle fascination!

Short trip to Amsterdam.....
Four days are far too short time to discover all the lovely and interesting places of this charming town! ......we´ll be back....!
I totally loved the creative way they use their bicycles!

That was onTuesday! Unbelievable crowd of orange decorated fans to welcome the returned soccer team! ........It´s been a madhouse here on sunday!


  1. Oh yes I remember all
    those creative Bikes!!!
    We have allot of Bikes here in Basel,
    but never as pretty and cool like in Amsterdam :)

  2. Glad you took a lot of good memories home

  3. Awesome! Amsterdam is on my list of top ten places to visit! I am so jealous :) Glad you had a great time!

  4. Special bikes? Not at all! ;-)) I am used to all of this!! LOL
    Great post Viktoria, so nice to see you enjoyed your trip in this amazing city (I live 25 km north of it)

  5. They often decorate their bikes as there are often hundreds parked at one place and it easily becomes impossible to find your own, plus it avoids easier to let it stolen :)

  6. Yes, star, I thought the same! I found it impossible to pick the own bike in that bulk!

  7. So many bicycles - reminds me of Cambridge!

  8. lovely bikes ! and I love A'dam too !