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Friday, July 9, 2010

Short trip to Amsterdam

foto :

I´m going to Amsterdam for a few days. I´m very exited, never seen before.....any tips?


  1. This is a great site if you want to pre-shop ;-)

    I liked the traditional boattour.
    As Amsterdam is know for its sexshops... this is one you shouldn't miss :

    I hope its not this weekend as on sunday there is the big footballfinal ? Go will have to go orange-crazy !
    Have a lot of fun !

  2. I just had to look--that picture looks like an old painting of Amsterdam! In Amsterdam it's worth taking a little boat ride through the canals. It gives you a different perspective of the city and how it's built. But anything you do will be fun! The Indonesian fastfood is spectacular, as are the beer bars!

  3. Oh, lucky you! Go get Pia's book in the first book store to let it guide you through Handmade Amsterdam :) Have fun and Happy Weekend!

  4. No Tips,
    but I did find Amsterdam very easy going with open People :)
    Enjoy your Trip!!!

  5. Thank you so much all! Really great tips!
    yes, a boat trip is obligate! the book of Pia looks great! I will look for it!
    Unfortunately it is THIS WEEKEND!
    I go with 2 girl friends, they have planned it some time ago .... nobody could know about the football final.
    ..But we will make the best of it!

  6. yes..bring empty bags so you can get lots of goodies for your next work :) have a great time!!

  7. Yes Viktoria, go visit my tree in front of the Byzanthium in the citycentre. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful visit. Enjoy and keep us posted!

  8. I like the anne frank house and the museum from Van Gogh...but also the fleemarket on the 'waterlooplein' and ther's also a another big market ...and there a lot of good art galeries... have a nice weekend !