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Friday, September 3, 2010

Bead shopping tour....

..not very successful! I was looking for some pink transparent seedbeads! sized 18/0 , not lined inside, no luster, ....I also would use pink opaque beads in that size...
So if someone is reading this and knows where to buy, I would be happy if you tell me.....

These faceted orange beads and the blue below was all I bought. Beautiful as well, but not what I was searching for.

This little Iglu might became my challenge entry for the theme "antarktida"
..if I find time to make a pendant out of it. Anyway, the beadwork is done...


  1. Vielleicht kannst Du es hier versuchen. Dieser Anbieter kauft direkt in Gablonz. Frag doch einfach mal an.
    An Pink wäre ich auch interessiert :o)
    Lieben Gruß

  2. Crazy Crow has some French transparent pinks in 18, beautiful color, permanent:

    Sioux Trading has a huge variety of beads: I don't see what you want here, but you might want to keep them in mind.

    I love your work! Thanks for blogging.

  3. good luck finding what you need. i like that top photo..looks like a long tulip :)

  4. these guys have a salmony pink, will that work for you?

    I love your little igloo! :P

  5. Thank you all for your infos! It´s difficult to find these beads in loud pink!....If I´m successful, I will post about!

  6. Oh I would love to help,
    but I have no Idea...

  7. Sorry no idea but just have to say that I love your work. Absolutely stunning! That white dome is just perfect.

  8. Check EBAY there you might find it...