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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Head modelling

This is an experiment I never did before. I really would like to have a model to take one picture of all my earrings to show the relations of size. Not a perfect, flawless, but a funny one, with big ears,...a striking character ...
So I bought modelling clay and started to shape a head. (Clay would have been better than this "modelling clay" which is smelling awful and not very smooth)
Reminds me on the film "Nosferatu" ...............
Good decision not to become a cosmetic surgeon, I guess!
Btw...very delicate beer! Special upper austrian!

Please don´t think that this is already finished!! It´s only a tentative drawing to give a little idea........
..of course it has to be sanded and finished after drying complete, and maybe some hair would look nice........ be continued.....


  1. Hello to your new model ... indeed some sanding would help her to look more refined (just the way your earrings are - or maybe you just want this contrast ? )

  2. Haha, of course she needs some more beauty treatment!
    These wrinkles are not acceptable!

  3. Tolles Projekt! Da würde ich mich nie drüber trauen. Wenn es nur so einfach wäre auch bei uns die Falten weg zu schmiergeln.
    Bin schon neugierig wie das Endprodukt ausschauen wird. Wie soll die Dame denn heißen?

  4. OMG THIS IS WONDERFUL! compared to the boring ugly 'dead heads' people use, this is SO CREATIVE and has such personality. (people might want to buy IT !!!)
    you are a genius! i could see a whole business of making these for other etsy
    i know you wouldn't, but i'm just saying :)
    good job! make more hahahaha

  5. i posted this on my tumblr page and will post on our artisans gallery page too :)

  6. Wow. Are you saying you have never sculpted before? If not, WOW. I wouldn't have even come close to thst....the nose would have been an ear!

  7. Thank you Paula! It was really fun to try this! and it is not complicated at all...clay is patient!

  8. You know, I have visited this post many times today and yesterday trying to find the right words I wanted to say about your new friend. And well, I think cri-cri said it for me I 'like her the way she is' too. And yes, her nose is quite perfect! You must have had a great time doing this. Sure looks like fun!

  9. What a great idea to make your own lady to present your wonderful jewelry!!!! Have fun with your experiment, it looks very good already!