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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

creative Space....

Some folding, hammering and plating!

Making some silver earrings...
I don´t know if this technique is reminiscent of smithing a Damascene sword, or more like making butter puff pastry.....which reminds me that I really should start Christmas baking !
Show what you are working on! Here you can find much more creativity!


  1. Looks promising! Let's see how it'll turn out then :)

  2. so cool! amazing to me that you can hammer something and get that (i'm clueless about that part of metal). now go bake!!!

  3. Love the shape and texture! I'm amazed at how you make these...and that you can make puff pastry!

  4. love the combination of the fine lines and bold shapes .. as usual .. very promising !

  5. Very interesting textures! I like that and I'm looking forward the result!!