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Thursday, December 8, 2011

It began absolutely perfect!....

...and turned out into a big mess!

I made these..
..lots of them....

when I proceeded to the apricot rings, I had the great idea to eat some toasted bread with cheese,( you know, all the sweets !).
unfortunately the toaster caused a short circuit ..(ok, maybe I should not have tried to get the breads out with a fork!)

...blackout!!!!despite the oven was hot enough to burn my cookies .

We had this problem before, and always it was a matter of a few minutes!
But now : no chance to make the electricity work again....looks like the fault-voltage protective switch is gone. have to wait till tomorrow for the electrician.
Goodbye baking ..
So for today we are happy to have some extension cords and a working electric circuit least for the refrigerator and the computer!


  1. dont get mad.....i laughed.....
    thank you , i needed that today.

  2. LOL ... i have the same habit of picking out the toast with a fork ... huge consequences i see !

  3. Yes, that made me laugh as it seems we all have the same disasters now and again. But on the bight side that is one huge tin of sweet things to eat.

  4. yes, Lois, that´s a small comfort!

    The electrician was here already, we got a new fault-voltage protective switch, all works again, and even the toaster survived !!!unbelievable!!!

    So Sandra, no problem to use the fork again, just make sure your fault-voltage protective switch is ok.....