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Friday, April 20, 2012

The "before and after" Story...(or how the oil spike causes more space for creativity!

These are my new friends! ( in magenta!)

10 kg of filler
Paint for the floor....and for the wall(no foto, just imagine 2 buckets of whitewash paint!)

We decided to say goodbye to our oil guzzling heating system and to connect to the district heating grid
and so I´m going to renovate this storage room.

But...the best is yet to come!
here you can see the 1,5m x 3m sized workroom, too small to use several tools at the same time!

totally messed up! ...but follow me through this mysterious window....

you can see a huge iron monster, the no longer used oil tank!

In the next few month we will take down the wall and then a company will dismantle the tank.

And I can see space for my metalwork and so much other crafting projects....Yippee....!!
It will become a great workroom with a heating (I didn´t have one so far), and running water (I didn´t have so far)....

but before lot´s of work!
I intend to log the ongoing process by camera
That´s all for the moment.

ending with magenta :
Olive shaped earrings available here


  1. Wow! That is a real project--and the end result will be just as stunning as your new magenta earrings!

  2. Great project Viktoria!!! You'll have so much more space for your work!
    Gorgeous earrings!

  3. I like that your rubber gloves are matching the earrings ;-)

  4. you must be very very happy with that new large space coming up !
    More pretty work to come from your hands !

  5. ahhaa looks like a job! good luck and congrats on finding new/more space to work in!