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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday - Pastime - shibori

 I´m a great admirer of this artful textile manipulating technique!

...and I always wanted to try this !

To get that pattern I wrapped tread around jade beads...

I took the same color for both fabrics, silk and cotton, ......... a striking difference .

The cotton scarf was needled and then knotted (should have made more pics of this )

For my first experience I think it turned out well.
happy to have tried this, but it is really complex, even to make a simple pattern like this.
Here you can admire really great Shibori artworks


  1. Awesome! I did this technique at school and then started to do with our friends and sell cotton t-shirt on flea-markets without ever know that it's called shibori and how delicate patterns are possible!
    Love your work!

  2. Stunning effect! Scarf looks great.

  3. dyeing must be a very fun process!
    I love your final pieces!