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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Answer to a problem...

I need a tool to get a thin rope into a crocheted tube.....
Needles are way to short, and if they are long enough, they are too thick!
So here is what I made:

 First is to solder a brass wire to a circle

Bended, one end clamped into the bench vise, the other into an electric drill!

 Then carefully twisted.....

 voila..:    ready to thread the rope through the tube


  1. Ah... That is a clever improvisation!

  2. Genius! I also used the technique you suggested on my blog for my crochet bags and it worked perfectly creating a stronger and more beautiful bottom!

    1. Great, Lois! finding solutions is a big part of creating I guess...

  3. What a brilliant idea, Viktoria. I will have to remember this!