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Friday, October 12, 2012

Studio Renovating Update... and "Ikea Hack"

 not ready yet, (haste makes waste!) .......
But here are some improvements we made:
My husband helped me  with the Ikea Ivar cupboards -, (actually it was his idea to put them on wooden posts from wall to wall, clever! ) 

I cut the shelfs in half to get place for the tools on the doors.

I put some mosaic tiles on the sill

...and made a rack for all the ledges and bars ...
dowelled onto the wall, so the floor can be cleaned easily

 What is left, (besides approx. 20 additional "To Do`s"), is to prime and paint the door after having removed the old coating!
have a wonderful weekend all!


  1. looks greater than great ! Have a fine weekend too !

  2. Great things are ready to happen here! It's a magical space--clean, organized, clever, simply beautiful!

  3. Wow! You have a luminous and well organized studio now! The rack is clever, I'll steal you the idea ;-)

  4. I remember the before, this looks fabulous and very bright.

  5. Wow... I like this IKEA hack! Your studio looks so organised, and all the little details are taken care of with so much sense!

    Have a lovely weekend too! (It's my birthday today :D)

    1. Happy birthday to you Juanita !!! and a big celebration!