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Sunday, May 30, 2010

...And now for something completely different! John Cleese used to say.....(Monty Phytons flying Circus)...

Here´s work waiting !
My husband found these beautiful, old Danish chairs on a flea market. The Rattan seating surfaces are broken, and some chair legs too! now they are waiting on the attic to be restored!
..and I am looking forward to try that by myself , as soon as my time allows to go about such a big project. ( maybe in the early autumn , cause it might be a beautiful outdoor work!)

First step was to buy this wonderful book about basket read ....and to learn... and maybe to decide on spending a lot of money for a professional restorer.....we will see...


  1. that looks like a great challenge and very satisfying once done. nice finds!

  2. Love the design of those chairs ! It's a real challenge but I am convinced that you will bring this to a good end !

  3. This is quite a challenge that you are prepared for Viktoria!
    I will be lovely!

  4. Oh, looks like a great new project! My parents have similar chairs in their kitchen and some of them would desperately need new surfaces. I'd be happy to hear how your project proceeds!