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Monday, May 3, 2010

New EST Challenge theme !

I got it! .....the honor to host this week Challenge of European street team on Etsy!
My " meander-copper- earrings" were chosen.....

...and after some meditation, the new theme came to my mind.....
I am very interested in Textures, and after " folds" and "winding" it might be great to try some more of these basically expressions, and so this is my new theme : "wattle"
Everything grid-like, braided, wattled,... basket work ...
I´m curious about your ideas !
just send me your entries in an etsy convo...I´m looking forward!

The Entries!

1. Dew in the grass - mother´s day one of a kind handmade adjustable ring !
..made by LAccentNou.

2. "Treillis en Fleur" pouch ! for cellphone , made by LabSpace

3. Pinback buttons original design-Points and crosses , made by SoleDeVita

4. Wattled mini painting from the "last week curator" NancyvdBoom !

5. Green and brown Mobile Phone Cover.... from patchworkdelights !

6. Viktorian Avocado Bracelet or Necklace from Kraplap !

7. Baskett of Lavender original watercolor from ColoursandTextures !

8. Necklace lariat pink Amethyst pearls sterling silver from Arctida !

9. Handmade pure linen triangle knit shawl "wattle" from ingermaaike !


  1. Brilliant! I'll see if I can come up with something...and congratulations on winning with your beautiful earrings!

  2. Hi Viktoria. Big congratulations on winnning the challenge. Wattle is a very interesting and challenging theme. I am sure you will get lots of interesting entries from our creative team. Thank you for hosting this fun challenge!!

  3. Viktoria, I am so glad to see the new theme! I will do my best to paint it! Thanks in advance for hosting!

  4. Ein ganz wundervolles Collier!
    Gerade die schwarz-weiß Arbeiten haben einen ganz besonderen Charme.
    Höchstes Lob von dieser Stelle.
    LG Birte

  5. Congrats on winning the challenge!

    Great new theme! A real challenge for me!

  6. Congrats!
    Very inspiring theme! I wonder when will be the first time when I take part of the competition also.

  7. Congratulations! What a challenging theme!

  8. Congrats, your earrings were gorgeus! I really like the new theme.

  9. wunderschön! herzliche gratulation!

  10. Congrats on winning the challenge! :)
    New theme is really interesting and I'm curious to see, what people come up with! Good luck everyone!

  11. wattle ... wow i didnt know that was a patterning ... i thought it was mimosa flower ...hmmm needs research !!!!

  12. Wattle? Cool, I'm even learning new words! :D

  13. Congrats! Love this picture of the beautiful jewelry in black oan white! //Eva

  14. Congratulations. I was just up to make a blog post about your amazing necklace you embeded under your post. I love your work. Hope to get the chance to see it IRL once.

  15. Wonderful entries these first three!!

  16. Thanks Nancy! Are you concocting something, too?... ;)) Hope so!

  17. I will give it a try with my brushes! Thanks for encouraging me Lab!

  18. Wonderful theme! I hope I'll be able to make something :)

  19. Yes, dear ESTians I´m looking forward to get lots of interesting entries from my creative team!

  20. beautiful pieces enterd the challange, congrats

  21. Thank you Viktoria for accepting my attempt LOL !

  22. Thanks Viktoria for adding my entry....! nervous laughter!

  23. There are such lovely entries for this challenge!
    It will be hard to pick only one :)

    Good luck!