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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenge theme, recycling:

If you are playing guitar, you have to restring your instrument very often,
on every string there is a brass ball end, too good to throw it away....

Silver-brass-hoops from recycled guitar string ball ends.....

Not to be listed, because my daughter liked them immediately.........


  1. Amazing work, I have actually thought about that too!!! But didn't know what to do with them... Those hoops seem like the ideal piece!!!! Fabulous, well done!!!

  2. They look fantastic--and such a wonderful idea!

  3. viktoria, when i saw these i said WOW.
    i'll say it again. WOW.
    i dont even buy stuff and i want these. you got me ...i love them. wonderful and creative and beautiful.

  4. Waahhhh,
    I love it,
    such a fantastic Idea and
    the Hoops are stunning!!

  5. What a nice idea! I completely understand your daugther :)

  6. Wowwwwwwwww this would be my absolute winner!!!!!! I can hear the music!!!!!!!!!!!! xox